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New method of payment in Samosir Island29 Agust 2010

Samosir Island - Lake Toba is one of the most populer tourist destination in North Sumatra.

The methode of payment at Samosir Island for the any tourist who are visiting Lake Toba and Samosir Island has been a big issue in the last decade . The most of tourist were quit grumble about the methode of payment because in any transaction , the payment has to be in cash. Whereas the most of tourist nowdays are prefer bringing their card around without bringing any cash. It is make sense due to the money safety. more...

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Tour De North Sumatera Heritage 07 Jul 2010


Seri - 10

Pariwisata nusantara merupakan tulang punggung industri pariwisata Indonesia. Potensi kekayaan alam Indonesia harus diketahui oleh seluruh anak bangsa. Anugerah Tuhan kepada bangsa Indonesia atas pemberian lebih dari 17.000 pulau more...
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Tour de North Sumatera Heritage, 23-27 Juli 201007 Jul 2010

Have you ever enjoyed the beauty of Lake Toba while you cycling on the winding road of Tele more...
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Samosir EVENT 12 June 201007 Jun 2010
Culture events will be held in Samosir on 12th June 2010 ,


12th of June, from 10:00 till et ends
                                                  Where? more...
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Foreign tourist impression of palm wine ( Tuak )22 Mar 2010

Tuak is also named as JUNGLE JUICE OR PALM WINE

Tuak  is the juice from palm trees which are naturally managed without the incorporation of chemical substances. Tuak is a traditional beverage Batak people which also contains alcohol


                        Palm Wine Tree                            Garoga Village more...
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