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Mount Naboratan Trekking Adventure in Samosir Island26 Apr 2009
Mount NABORATAN -Garoga Village                  The Peak of mount Naboratan more...
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Lake Toba Paradise song lyric20 Des 2008
Lake Toba Paradise
Song writer & arr: Mangasa Sidabuatar
Vocal: SamosirTourism Team
                                Talk about the history
                                And look at geography
                                There i see a nice place to go
                                Somewhere in the far away east
                                Lake Toba paradise
                                In the middle of Batak land more...
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Tourism Management Students from INHOLLAND University Amsterdam are in Samosir Island13 Des 2008
Friday, 5th Desember three students from INHOLLAND University Amsterdam arrived in Samosir Island. The three students are Ana, Madelon and Renee. They are staying in Samosir island untill 19th December.

During their staying, they are going to do a lot of research on the island as their perpouse of visit. In the mean time, they have visited a SMK Tourism Hotel School in Tuk Tuk which has been just open this year. There they will  sharing  their knowledge in Tourism Sector and giving them an idea how is the tourism and culture in Netherland as well as encouraging and motivate them about tourism world. SamosirTourism Team hoping that this activities in co-operate with INHOLLAND University  can be continuosly . more...
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Major Event, Full Music in a full Danau Toba25 Nov 2008
1.State of Events

The birds

Just about three weeks ago I reported on the start of the new nesting and mating season of all birds around Lake Toba and especially in Tuk Tuk. So far, as I can see and as the birds are concerned, everything is going to plan. Construction of nests is in full swing, some late comers and the occasional tourist bird watchers are still doing their preliminary movements, and I am very pleased to report today that the early bird made it in a record time. I am afraid thatthis tricky bird did not act according to my rules. more...
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The Island of the Dead22 Nov 2008

From simple gravestones to elaborate sarcophagi, tombs are everywhere on Pulau Samosir
Andy Gwee

PULAU Samosir is not called the Island of the Dead for nothing. This island the size of Singapore, situated in the middle of Lake Toba, North Sumatra, teems with tombs. Not only in graveyards, but also in gardens, at roadsides, in the middle of villages and every few hundred metres all over the countryside. more...
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