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World Wide Respond for Lake Toba - Samosir Tourism22 Nov 2008
Here below is cut and paste respond for Samosir Tourism  from indahnesia ,one of the bigest travel forum, where our team taking part of.
Any contribution,advise and suggestion to improve our website is more...
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Major Lake Toba Event01 Nov 2008

Birdlife around a full Lake Toba in full swing

1. Lake Toba is full

Today, at the end of the dry season Lake Toba is almost full, so when you want to see more of Lake Toba than any other tourist has seen, this is the time to come to Lake Toba. It is of course a Contradictio in Terminus that Lake Toba is full at the end of the dry season. But what is a contradictio in terminus in this age of climate change ?When is Lake Toba full ?.In my opinion Lake Toba is more or less full when the harbour in Tiga Raja, the place where you board the ferry to Tuk Tuk in Parapat, is flooded. Not just a few centimeters but halfway up to your knees. more...
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Cooperation with INHolland University Amsterdam/Diemen29 Sep 2008
In December 2008 three fourth year students Tourism Management will go to Samosir Island to conduct research about the development of sustainable cultural tourism products at the Island. The students will try to develop new small scale cultural tourism products in cooperation with the local population. more...
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