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Thyesza Guesthouse & Restaurant, Flower of Samosir
Thyesza guesthouse and restaurant is beautifully situated on the waterfront of Lake Toba. The Guesthouse is newly renovated and provides rooms with western standards. Enjoy tranquillity and sweet idleness; try delicious Indonesian and European cuisine; take a swim, or go on an adventurous hike up the mountain and get a phenomenal view onto the lake or enjoy the hot springs.
  • Hotel / Cottages
    Vandu guest house
    Vandu guest house is one of the cheapest guest house in lake toba and has 8 rooms.It located right by the lake side. The prices from 20,000Rp 50,000Rp.
    • Hotel / Cottages
      Merlyn Guest house
      Merlyn Guest-House & Restaurant, conveniently located lakeside in the heart of Tuk-Tuk on Samosir Island, Lake Toba and has 4 rooms. The prices from 30,000 50,000.
      • Hotel / Cottages
        Hisar Guest House
        Hisar Guest house has15 rooms, in set of modern and batak house.
        • Hotel / Cottages
          Sibayak Guest House
          Sibayak guest house has 14 rooms in a batak style. The prices are from 35,000 50,000
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