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By Plane / Boat
Samosir island is quiet well known as island in the island, because it lie inside of Sumatra and in the middle of the famous Lake Toba. Samosir has no airport yet, but it is already in the local government planning. The nearest airport is in Medan, which is around 4 hours drive.

Medan is a capital city of North Sumatra, where there is an International Airport Polonia (MES).

By Plane to Medan
You can fly into Medan Airport (MES)directly from Jakarta, Singapore Penang and Kuala Lumpur.
International tax Rp. 75,000,- (Rupiah) and domestic tax Rp. 25,000,- (Rupiah).

Polonia Medan - International Airport

By Ferry to Medan
Medan has a seaport Belawan that you can enter via ferry.

You can cacth ferries to Belawan from :
  • Penang Malaysia – Belawan
It’s a 4 hour ferry trip between Penang to Belawan. You need to arrive atleast one hour before to queue up to get through customs.

Belawan Medan - Seaport

Daily DeparturesPENANGMEDANFares per way
(Ringgit Malaysia)
MONDAY–SATURDAY9.00AM, 9.30AM10.30AM, 11.00AM RM90.00 (adult)
RM45.00 (child 3-12yrs)
RM20.00 (infant below 3yrs)
Fast Ferry Ventures Sdn Bhd
No.11, Lebuh Light, 10200 Penang
Penang Counter Tel: +6 04 262 0802 Fax: +6 04 262 0445
From Medan to Parapat
If you get in to Medan by ferry, the ferry company has a bus services to take you to the centre of Medan. Seaport Belawan to Medan , it take around 30 minute drive. They will drop you at Sisingamangaraja street, here can you find a mini bus to go to Parapat such as : Tobali, Simpati, Karya agung.

If you want to get a big public bus, you need to get to Amplas terminal. Here can you take a bus such as Intra, Sejahtera.


Parapat (Lake Toba) is main town. One of the country's important tourist destinations in North Sumatera.

Go to Port Tigaraja (Parapat) use boat to bring you go to Samosir, it's need 30 - 45 minutes. Or you come by car you can use ferry to bring you. In middle way with boat from Parapat - Samosir you have best looking most beautifull of Lake Toba.


Lake Toba