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Samosir Island has it too
We might have seen so many strange things in this world, but you probaly never seen this yet . Rikky is his name, he was born and lived on the island of Samosir. He was born with perfect, but with the accident that he had when he was a baby made him hand defects . But God is fair, God gave him a talent. If you visit Samosir and want to see him play, he can be found in the Tuak shop by Mr.Gindo GAROGA VILLAGE
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Name : jannmoner.saragih10 Mar 2013
mantap lae lagu nai hu ingot molo karejo i kapal lae songoni do hami marlagu horas tano batak.mantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.
Name : marley16 Mar 2011

habis tuak..boado ?
Name : Olmen Parlan Rumahorbo07 Des 2010
Tabo ni lagu i ate...sattabi,ai si Dolman do namargitar i khan, molo sada nai si Benny do..!! ah..gabe masihol iba ate...
Name : Pangeran Aziz Simbolon28 Mar 2010
Mantap, jala horas ma di hita sude....
Smoga tu joloan lam tamba denggan na sude, baik samosir dan slrh penduduk na. Majulah Batak - Samosir
Name : Carmencita Boekhoudt26 Mar 2010
Program Manager Tourism INholland University of Applied Sciences
What a pleasure to be able to see my old friend Rikky play music in this video. Visitors shoud for sure try to hear him live during their stay at Samosir Island.
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