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Tyrol is a province in Austria which has a multi-national history. It is located in the heart of the Alps, between Italy and Germany. Geographically Tyrol is quite similar to the mountainous Samosir island in Sumatra, one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia.    


One of the most popular musicians in Tyrol is Hermann Delago. He is well known in Austria but also around Europe as well as in Indonesia. Hermann Delago is a great composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist as well as an experienced conductor


In 1995 Herman Delago travelled to Indonesia for the first time and was fascinated by variety of interesting cultures and music. His journey started in Bali and not long after he arrived at Lake Toba/Samosir island

In Samosir he got to know its traditional music as well as the fascinating details about its geographical and geological history. Similar to Tyrol, Samosir is an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. Warm hearted people and a very pleasant climate made Delago stay there for several months. He gathered with the 'Bataks' the local people in a place called 'kedai tuak' and often heard their traditional Batak songs. Delago got more and more interested and after learning and singing their songs, he also learnt the Indonesian language and gradually Samosir island turned into his second home


After returning to Tyrol he kept playing and singing Batak songs and arranged them for several groups including his orchestras. His love for Batak songs turned into a big album project with the Jakarta-based producer Viky Sianipar. The unique collaboration was released on CD by the World Music Label BSC from Germany. After that successful collaboration he came up with an even bigger idea. Inspired by his love for Batak songs and the beautiful lake Toba, he's planning a big concert of his Austrian orchestras in Samosir Island.


This idea was well recieved by Henry Manik, as a very close friend of Hermann, as well as the Project Manager of his previous   Collaboration project with Viky Sianipar, called TOBATAK.

Henry Manik  was born and grew up in Samosir Island, and he is living in Netherlands in the past 10 years. He is avery passionate person about Batak Culture and Music, and always keen to do anything and volunteer him self,   in any way that he can to help the development and achievement of his home land Samosir Island, especialy in Tourism sector. In 2004 and 2005, he has been succesfull  to bring the Batak Group musician, MARSADA on tour in the whole UK, and performed in a big World Music Festival such as WOMAD, Edinburgh festival in Scotland and Live in London BBC Radio



According to the Tour Manager, Henry Manik The concert has the following aims:


*To point out the high value of the Batak's music


*To manage a very unique event at Lake Toba Samosir as one of the very attractive tourism places in Sumatra, in order     to stimulate the growth of the number of visitors to Lake Toba.


*To motivate and inspire the younger generation to be more aware that Batak

music or Batak songs are internationally acclaimed, and by this event it is hoped that the cultural / traditional Batak music could be maintained.


*To motivate and inspire young people who have desires and talents in the field of music to keep playing and developing Batak music and songs in the future.



The concerts will take place :


- Medan , indoor , TIARA HOTEL CONVENTION on 20th Augustus 2014, in Cooperate with ASPPI - Tourism Association


- Samosir Island , Tuk Tuk Open Stage , on 23rd Augustus 2014 in cooperate with the local goverment, Tourism Departement.



The musicians and artists to be involved in this concert are as follows:

About 80 musicians from Austria, divided into two groups of orchestras as follows:



Vocalist / Singer:  singers from Austria


Musician / Singer from Indonesia :


1 Viky Sianipar

2. Tongam Sirait

3. Retta Sitorus

4. Marsada





Project Initiator/Artist:

Hermann Delago

Sanatoriumstrasse 8

A-6511 Zams



home: 0043 5442 64087

hp: 0043 660 1595880




General Manager/Tourmanager:

Henry Manik

Wikkestraat 12

NL-2403 ES Alphen aan dn Rijn



0031 655863519



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