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It is on again June 8th see us at Pesta Danau Toba V at Culturele centrum De Werft in Kaatsheuvel - Netherland
Pesta Danau Toba event is happening again on june 8th in Netherland please come and visit this event for an joyful night with a lot of music and Indonesian food. As you may all known Danau Toba (Lake Toba) is in North Sumatra, in the middle of the this lake you will find an island named Samosir. This island is full of culture and you still can find the original heritage of this island. Also in this night we have a lot of culture and bataks people who comes together to enjoy this evening.

This night will not only visited by Bataks people who are living in Holland but also all over Europe for sample Denmark and Paris.

As we mentioned earlier this night we have a lot of music, we also flew an well known band from North Sumatra who plays instrument by them self. Not only they sings bataks music but also in english so this is for everyone. They come here for the first time ever and they are very excited to see Europe and the folks. Not only Bataks band we invited but also one special guest from Austria, he is been to almost every event we have here in Holland. He is origin from Austria and he has so much connection with the bataks that he can speaks fluent Bahasa Indonesia. These are just part of the people who are performing at this event

One of the intention of this night is also charity, we want to do something back to our people on the island. With your little help we can all achieve this goal together!! all the proceeds of this evening will be used for our new project that we are going to start.

You can specify your donate for this new project on the website of our organisation After donate we put your name or business name on the website  More information please contact us on info(at)

We are also grateful to have Garuda Indonesia as one of our sponsor, they offer you one retour ticket Amsterdam-Jakarta and back if you win the first tombola price but if you don't win this we have more gifts. Buy our tombola now on!!! Please visit and feel welcome at this event!!! For more ticket sale go to and click on 'ONLINE TICKET' to buy it. Don't forget to bring your family and friends with you. Catering made by our team from Bonanipasogit.

Venue : Concert Hall, Cultureel Centrum de Werft
             Huygenstraat 71, Kaatsheuvel

See you all there !!!

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