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Cooperation with INHolland University Amsterdam/Diemen
In December 2008 three fourth year students Tourism Management will go to Samosir Island to conduct research about the development of sustainable cultural tourism products at the Island. The students will try to develop new small scale cultural tourism products in cooperation with the local population.

The initiators of this project; Carmencita Manurung Boekhoudt and Henry Manik hope the project will lead to: 
  • A diversification of cultural tourism products offered at the Island,  focused on the local culture. This might attract more cultural tourists or give tourist better opportunities to learn more about the local culture.
  • Participation of the local population in creating these products in order to create a more community based form of tourism
  •  A more sustainable form of tourism with more intercultural exchange and more local people benefitting from it.
The initiators hope to create a long term project giving more
Students of INHolland University the opportunity to contribute to
Sustainable Tourism development at Samosir Island. Ideally INHolland
students will collaborate with tourism students from Samosir Island.

We'll keep you informed!
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Name : Evalena27 Des 2008
Heel Goed!
Bravo Batak haholonganku doho! ik hau van U

Name : Yvonne06 Okt 2008

Hi Yvonne,
This is where Madelon is going for her school project in December. She attends InHolland University.
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