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Sigale gale Puppet
Long time ago, one of kingdom in Toba order by a wisdom King. The King have only one son, the name is Manggale. In that era, often happen war between one kingdon and others.

And the King order his son go to battle agains enemy who want wrest our kingdom. In the middle of war, the son of the king was died, the only one son.

The King desperate remember his son, and the king was sick. Looking this situation that the King health become bad, and adviser of kingdom call a healer to give a medicine. Some of healer make opinion the King was longing for his son. The healer make motion to adviser, carve a wood make puppet face same like face Manggale, and the motion really do and carve wooden in forest.

When puppet already finish, adviser of kingdom make ritual ceremony to bring the puppet Manggale to castle. The healer make ritual, playing Sordam and call Manggale spirit tobring in to the puppet. The puppet takes from forest with play Sordam and Gondang Sabangunan. The puppet already in catle, the King suddently come better and looks health when he see the puppet like a same with his son face.

This legend become puppet Sigale-gale (Puppet face same like the son of the King, name is Manggale).


Sigale-gale keep in one house in the forest. When the King longing for, so people do ritual to bring puppet Sigale-gale from forest to the castle.

Note :

Sordam dan Gondang Sabangunan playing to wishes blessing from spirit.